New WANDAVISION Trailer Offers More Questions Than Answers

There’s a new trailer for WandaVision and everything is not what it seems. But not in the way that we originally thought, as the gorgeous new teaser offers up a ton of new questions too.

There’s plenty of Wanda and Vision action here. But the big changes come from the surrounding cast. Not only do we get confirmation that Monica Rambeau is in the same space as Wanda and Vision, but she also doesn’t know who she is. We also hear someone saying “Wanda, who is doing this to you?” It’s a big change from the assumption that Wanda was controlling the world we’ve seen so far. So we have a lot of questions…

New WANDAVISION Trailer Offers More Questions Than Answers_1


If Wanda and Vision are being kept in the surreal space without their consent, that really shakes things up. It opens up options like the introduction of X-Men big bad, Magneto. He’s Wanda’s father and manipulates her in the House of M storyline. We’ve long expected that story to play into WandaVision. There’s also the other obvious answer: Mephisto. Wanda and the demon have a twisted history that could easily tie in with what we see here.

It also seems that Kathryn Hahn’s Agnes is an ally trying to help Wanda escape the trap she’s in. There was also a glimpse of Kat Dennings’ fan fave Thor character, Darcy Lewis. Basically, this is a jam-packed trailer that we’ll be digging into for days.

New WANDAVISION Trailer Offers More Questions Than Answers_2


So what does any of it mean? Well, we can assume nothing as Disney+ has pulled the rug out from under us with this trailer. But one thing is for sure, Wanda and Vision are ready to fight for their new home. The big question now is against whom? And to what end? Surely if they’re trapped, they’d want to escape…

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