What Will Become of WANDAVISION’s Agatha Harkness?

WandaVision‘s Agatha (née Agnes) began as a nosy neighbor, turned into a potential ally, and was eventually revealed as the show’s most obvious villain. But what drove Agatha? What happens to her now? And most importantly to Kathryn Hahn fans everywhere, will we see her again? Let’s break it down!

What was Agatha’s goal?
Agatha looks stymied on the streets of Westview.

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We spent much time theorizing about who or what Agatha was working for. As far as we know, Agatha was working alone, and for one reason. She wanted to control Wanda’s power for herself. This is an interesting twist given what we know from the comics.

Historically, Agatha has been a force for good in Wanda’s life. Or at least she has worked her magic from a place of care. On WandaVision, though, she’s a straight-up-and-down villain. It seems like her only aim was to drain Wanda of her powers so that she could potentially become the Scarlet Witch herself. Those of you who guessed the stop-motion yogurt commercial was about Agatha—congrats!

Overall it may seem like a pretty small plan compared to the schemes of Thanos et al. But Agatha was actually the perfect foil to Wanda. Not only did this plan force Wanda to accept her own power, it also made her sacrifice the false world she’d created to face up to the truth. As we saw in the finale, Agatha failed in her plan. Which leads us to our next question.

What will happen to Agatha now?
A black-and-white Agnes traipses around the Vision household.

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We left off with Agatha trapped in a mental Westview—a cruel but fitting punishment for the powerful witch. Just as Agatha wanted to strip Wanda of her powers, Wanda trapped Agatha as a mortal. From what we saw in the finale, it looks like Wanda will keep Agatha in Jersey, brainwashed and baffled in the role she chose for Wanda’s show: the nosy neighbor.

How did Wanda “trap” Agatha in the end?
Agatha looks over Wanda's shoulder

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This is the big question. While the simple answer is chaos magic, there’s more to pick apart here. It seems like Wanda has chosen to brainwash Agatha in the same way the Westview residents were once held prisoner. Of course, Wanda had previously claimed that she had no idea how she had been controlling the Hex. So what suddenly clicked?

The implication is that she is now in full control of her powers. But if she can actually control Agatha’s mind, shouldn’t she be able to wield her reality-creating powers to bring back her children? Or to restore Vision? Well, the big difference is that Agatha actually exists. While Wanda may one day come to create life from nothing, for now it seems like her powers are limited to controlling already existing matter.

Will we see Agatha again?
Agatha laughs wickedly in her car.

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Almost certainly. Agatha was the breakout star of WandaVision. We already knew Elizabeth Olsen would kill a true Wanda arc given the chance. Paul Bettany had established himself as a fan fave. But Kathryn Hahn’s nosy neighbor became the character no one could stop talking about. And the MCU doesn’t like to waste excitement. So while Agatha might be stuck in Westview for now, Wanda left her an out. “If I need you, I’ll know where to find you.” But why would Wanda ever need the woman who tried to drain her powers? It’s actually quite simple.

Before WandaVision, Wanda didn’t know she was a witch. She’d always accepted that her powers came from the Mind Stone. Now she’s one of the most powerful beings on Earth. And while she has the Darkhold in her grasp, Wanda doesn’t necessarily have her powers in check. So if she really has unleashed the end of the world, she might need Agatha to help her stop it.

But there’s another possibility too. If Wanda doesn’t call on Agatha for help, Stephen Strange might. With Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Magic on its way, the Sorcerer Supreme could be looking for someone to explain why there’s a new magical being on the loose. And he might turn to the age-old witch for answers. So don’t worry, Agatha fans. If you’re hoping to see more of her, then you may well get to in the very near future.

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