This Waluigi Mini-Documentary Is All About the Evil Doppelganger

Shortly before E3 2018, gamers were offered an official first look at  Super Smash Bros. Ultimate; which has almost every major Nintendo character and special guest stars as controllable fighters. Everyone, that is, except Waluigi, the unloved rival of Mario‘s younger brother, Luigi. Fans humorously protested Waluigi’s exclusion from the game, which is actually in character for Waluigi. According to a recently released episode of Did You Know Gaming?, Nintendo defines Waluigi’s most notable trait as “self pity.” And that was just one of the revelations about this unexpected video game icon.

The video goes through Waluigi’s history, dating back to his first appearance in Mario Tennis for the Nintendo 64. There wouldn’t have been a Waluigi if Wario hadn’t been invented a few years earlier. But since Wario needed a partner for doubles, Waluigi was created to fill that role. And while the easy assumption is that Wario and Waluigi are brothers, Nintendo has backed away from that claim and made their connection more ambiguous.

As noted in the video, Waluigi is one of the few Mario-related characters to never star in his own game. The episode also states that legendary game designer  Shigeru Miyamoto vetoed the concept of Waluigi and Wario having evil girlfriend counterparts of Daisy and Peach, who probably would have been called Wadaisy or Wapeach. Instead, they must creep alone through their miserable existence. They may be bad guys, but Waluigi and Wario are so over-the-top evil that they’re really fun. That’s why they’ve developed a fan following of their own.

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Image: Nintendo

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