Walmart Looking to Get Into Streaming Service Game

Right now, streaming services are being handed out like Oprah used to hand out cars to her audience on her show. “You get a streamer! And YOU get a streamer! Everybody gets a streamer!” Well, this piece of news isn’t quite that. Although it may seem to be on the surface. According to a report coming from The New York Times (via Slashfilm) big box store giant Walmart is looking to get in on the streaming world too. But not with a new streaming service of their own exactly. Instead, they’re looking to partner with an existing streamer, via their app, Walmart+. And it seems that streamer might be Paramount+. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Walmart+ subscribers will gain access to Paramount+. Interesting.

A Walmart superstore.
CBS News

Walmart+ offers customers perks like free shipping, product discounts, and even free grocery delivery. But to enhance the deal for their customer base, Walmart is trying to find a major streaming service to partner with, in order to sweeten the stew, so to speak. This is similar to how Prime Video comes with an Amazon Prime subscription. But the question now is, which streaming service will land the gig? Now, with this deal with Paramount+, it wouldn’t make much sense to go with someone else.

At first, the obvious choice for a bundle like this was perhaps Disney+. However, a streamer like Paramount+ can really use the boost that something like a Walmart partnership will provide. Not to mention access to millions more homes. And, it would keep their stock prices high. But for all we know, there could be some weird curveball and they partner with Netflix, which is going through rough financial times at the moment. Nevertheless, a streamer you probably use right now might soon become part of the place you go to buy your common household items.

Originally published on August 9, 2022.

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