THE WALKING DEAD: Everything You Need to Know in 3 Minutes

Oct 27 2017 -- 12:30 PM

On Sunday, The Walking Dead made history with its 100th episode, marking a major milestone for the long-running zombie-slaying, roof pudding-eating, baseball bat-wielding TV series. With its non-linear storytelling and seeming flash-forwards to a much older version of Rick Grimes, the season 8 premiere left many fans scratching their heads. Did they fall into a coma and accidentally wake up years later? Did they miss a season? What exactly are "sh*ttin' pants" anyway? Well, we've got you covered with a brief recap of everything important that happened in last season so you'll be up to speed for what's coming down the pike in the weeks ahead.

Considering that The Walking Dead is in the throes of "All Out War" and that the epic post-apocalyptic Lucille-measuring contest between Negan and Rick is set to come to a conclusion this season, there are plenty of major surprises to come. (Time skip, anyone?) In the meantime, let's take a walk down Easy Street, and make a sharp left on to Memory Lane to take a look back at what went down in season 7 so you can be an expert -- just like Eugene! But, you know, without a mullet.

Image: AMC

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