THE WALKING DEAD Stars of Past and Present Bid Andrew Lincoln Farewell

It’s time to prepare for the departure of Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead by the end of this Sunday’s upcoming episode. And we here at home have questions: How many walkers will he have finally killed? How many people? Will we hear one last “CORAL”? Behind the scenes, however, the cast has already said their goodbyes to Andrew Lincoln, and many of them—including some returning favorites—have done so directly to camera in a new video from AMC.What’s even more heartbreaking than the loss of Rick is the way the video is bookended by tributes from the late Scott Wilson, who passed unexpectedly shortly after shooting scenes with Lincoln one last time. (If you’re wondering how the deceased Hershel manages to be on a new episode, you’ll just have to watch it.) Other departed characters whose actors are still very much alive also chime in, including Steven Yeun and Michael Cudlitz in his glorious new fake mustache from the game commercials.

We have to wonder if Lincoln is relieved that he can finally shave, or if he liked the excuse not to have to. Older images of a more baby-faced Rick and a younger Daryl bring back memories of what a journey it’s been, and of the great moments with this Mr. Lincoln.And now we await the actor’s future journeys. What would you like to see Andrew Lincoln in next? Will it be weird to hear him no longer doing the southern drawl? Tells us your dream projects for him in comments.

Image: AMC

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