Take a Virtual Tour of Walt Disney’s Imagineering Headquarters

One of the signs that COVID-19 is being taken seriously? In addition to the postponements and cancellations of sports events and the delays of movies and television shows, all Disney parks have been officially shut down indefinitely, only the fourth time in the history of Disneyland that this has happened.

The thing is, we could all use some of that uplifting pixie dust right now. While we can’t actually travel to the parks to get it firsthand, Disney is unleashing its magic and finding a way to offer it to us. As part of a new Disney Parks video series, Walt Disney Imagineering has opened its doors to the public with a full virtual tour—and you don’t even need to spend money on a park ticket or airline ticket to come along for the ride!

In the video above, a cast member starts off your journey in the lobby of the legendary headquarters, using the patented imagineering magic to make you feel as though you’re standing inside the building yourself. Just put on a pair of ears, close your eyes, and imagine that you’re standing in the presence of some noisy crowds, inhaling the sweet smell of churros. The tour goes through the history of the Imagineers and talks about the many jobs they have around the parks, as well as the many ways that they help make Disney magic happen. After a quick introduction, we’re back in the monorail hallway, which, as our cast member explains, takes us all around the Disney worlds and keeps everyone connected to the many projects that are going on.

disney cast member in the imagineering hallway

Disney Parks

This is only part one of the tour, which means we can look forward to even more magic from the Disney Imagineering crew — so don’t put away your ears just yet, especially because the article from WDW News Today notes that more of these virtual tours will be coming. Stay tuned to their blog and the WDW News Today Twitter for more ways to enjoy Disney magic, straight from the comfort of your own couch.

“Today, we’re already working on the ideas of tomorrow—imagining new ways to bring smiles to our guests,” says our tour guide. This is certainly one new way, and in the time of Coronavirus, we’re definitely thankful for the magic of these Imagineers.

Featured Image: Disney Parks

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