Video Shows the Serene Beauty of an African Watering Hole

Humans have water coolers. Animals have waterholes. The former is a popular spot for talking about TV and complaining about TPS reports. Proving once again animals have this whole existence thing figured out far better than us. Because their version of a water cooler is a serene environment that provides for the survival of all creatures, both big and small. Now, for the first time ever, humans can see just how special a place a watering hole really is. The BBC used secret cameras to capture the tranquil spot where wild creatures in Africa go to get a cool drink.

The video from BBC Earth (which we first came across at Laughing Squid) offers an intimate look at one of the African savannah’s most important locales. Titled “Unwind By The Waterhole,” this 27-minute video shows the watering hole built at the Mwiba Wildlife Reserve in Tanzania. The special covers the mostly calm activity that takes place there. Both during the day and at night, during different seasons. The video also explores how the water changes the way certain animals live. From BBC Earth:

“In a world-first, remote cameras are half-submerged in a specially built waterhole in Africa. What secret animal behaviour and new science will be revealed? Water is vital to all life, but how does an ecosystem evolve around a brand-new source? Rigged with a state-of-the-art camera system to film around the clock, this new waterhole in a water-stressed region in Tanzania doesn’t just give a lifeline to wildlife. It also provides an extraordinary eye-to-eye view of the action as animals including lions, baboons, elephants, giraffes and cape buffalo gather around it. As the seasons shift, discover how water shapes the behaviour of Africa’s most iconic animals, and get a unique perspective on the inner workings of the African savannah.”

Gazelle drinks from a waterholeBBC Earth

Fair to say that waterholes are definitely superior to water coolers. We wish we could spend more time at the former.

We also hope animals aren’t recording us standing around one of those. That video definitely wouldn’t be as beautiful. And people complaining about working late won’t look nearly as majestic.

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