Musician Plays Video Game Medley with Variety of Instruments

Good video game soundtracks are fun to listen to no matter the style, artist, or instrument. We crave hearing our favorite game songs any way we can. Whether that means rocking out with a great a cappella rendition, or shredding to a heavy metal cover, we want as many versions as we can get. That’s just what one percussionist has given us. He performed a video game medley of some of our favorite tunes. And he did it with a medley of instruments.

Musician Joe Porter has put together an entertaining short medley of some well-known video game tracks. His video (which we first saw at Laughing Squid) features him playing songs from Plants vs Zombies, Doom, Bad Piggies, Minecraft, and Pokémon. But that’s just half the fun. The other half comes from how he plays them. He performs each song on a different instrument as he makes his way around the room.

He starts with a flairdrum. A thing we totally knew about, including the name. But, uh, just in case you don’t know what that is it’s a collection of air pressurized plastic bottles. That’s followed by more traditional instruments. Including timpani drums, a steel pan, marimba, and a vibraphone.

A man plays flairdrums, a collection of air pressurized plastic bottles set up like a xylophone
Joe Porter

The only real issue is that this video isn’t long enough to satiate our desire to hear video game songs played in unique ways. Fortunately he has lots of other videos for us to enjoy. Including a marimba medley of video game songs.

And since it is the holiday season, he used his collection of instruments to play a variety of Christmas songs on a variety of them.

A good song is a good song is a good song. Whether it’s a Christmas tune or a video game theme, we want to hear every version we can. And with a talented enough musician we’ll listen to it anyway they can play it.

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