THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: OCARINA OF TIME Gets a Fan-Made Heavy Metal Album

Nearly 20 years ago, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time pushed the series into the realm of 3D graphics and integrated music into the gameplay thanks to the titular Ocarina. Like many of the Zelda games, Ocarina of Time was an instant classic and one of Nintendo’s most enduring hits. Now, Koji Kondo’s unforgettable score for Ocarina of Time is getting a progressive rock and metal tribute album called The Temple. It was performed and arranged by Ro Panuganti, who also shared the first track of the album, based on “The Temple of Time.”

Via, Panuganti’s The Temples features eight tracks from the Ocarina of Time soundtrack and gives them a heavy metal makeover. Kondo’s notes still shine through in the new take, but Panuganti’s additions bring a new flavor to the original music. On his YouTube page, Panuganti noted that “Temple of Time” was renamed “In Time” for the album, and he incorporated audio nods to the subsequent tracks within this selection. He also shared his memory about how his father picked up Ocarina of Time for him, which subsequently became “one of my favorite games, an adventure I couldn’t stop playing, and every level told stories beyond stories.”

The Temples is currently available on Bandcamp as the full album or as individual tracks. Panguanti’s Bandcamp page also includes links to his Breath of the Wild Tribute album, and other video game inspired music.

What do you think about Panguanti’s heavy metal take on Ocarina of Time‘s signature track? Let us know in the comment section below!

Image: Ro Panuganti

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