These Candles Fill Your Home with That CALL OF DUTY Smell

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We’re already fans of upping your Dungeons & Dragons game with complementary candles. The next natural step is PC and console gaming! Wick & Skull is a candlemaker and official partner with Call of Duty, Dead By Daylight, and more. You’ll be in it to win it when the heady smell of smoke and leather fill the room from these conversation-slash-fire-starters. 

If you’ve ever wondered what survival horror smells like, Wick & Skull has got you covered. Darkness, despair, and horror is what the Dead By Daylight “Hex Totem” tin says; in reality it’s an aromatic mixture of smoke, leather, and amber. These are not candles that you have to put up to your nose and take deep breaths for a waft of scent. In fact, this one will stay in your nostrils (and brain) long after you light it.

Call of Duty candles from Wick & Skull stacked atop each other on a gaming computer set up.
Wick & Skull

Call of Duty: Warzone “Pacific” is more fruity and tropical. “Like a vacation with 150 friends,” describes the clever tin. This scent is both strong and surprisingly serene. The official candle inspired by Tiny Tina’s Wonderland is similarly sweet with notes of “dark plum, sugar crystals, [and] magical musk.”

And then there’s another Call of Duty: Warzone candle named “Gulag. That doesn’t immediately sound like something you want your house to smell like. But the spicy fragrance of musk, amber, and coriander is an energizing scent that will kick you into another gear as you game.

A Tiny Tina's Wonderlands candle from Wick & Skull.
Wick & Skull

Wick & Skull’s candles use a parasoy wax blend, cotton wicks, and essential oils for a burn time of about 35 hours. “We’re told the sense of smell is closely intertwined with memory,” says the company, “so together we can create even deeper gaming memories for all. We hope you’ll join us on our quest to enhance the gaming experience, and enjoy it as much as we do.”

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