Set the Mood for Your Next D&D Game with Cantrip Candles

Dungeons & Dragons players are well-practiced at imagining sights and sounds. The faint splash of water dripping from a stalactite in a dark cave. The pleasant din of a warm tavern packed with rowdy adventurers. The chilly breeze sweeping in from a gray, frothing ocean. Dungeon Masters can now immerse their players in their amazing worlds even more by adding a whole new dimension to their games: smell.

Cantrip Candles, a Los Angeles-based small business, has one simple goal. They want to help you take your D&D game to a whole new level. By adding a lit candle that will gently add the scent of a cave, tavern, seaside town, and more, a Dungeon Master can set a scene better than ever. And let’s be real. The soy candles just plain smell good.

Cantrip Candles

Cantrip Candles

You can find candles representing all sorts of classic locations for adventure. Forests, caves, a chapel, a library, and more can all come to life in your game thanks to brilliant owner and candlemaker Christoff Visscher. Black Hound Tavern smells of whiskey and firewood to bring in the sense of a crackling fireplace in an inn. The spicy scent of incense makes Sanctuary both soothing and immersive. And pine and sandalwood will permeate the room to surround you in the outdoors with A Walk in the Woods.

You’ll want to keep Cantrip Candles’ soy candles illuminated long after game night is over. Gentle, cozy scents like Goldwheat Bakery and Sweet Fig Farmhouse are ideal for any time or place. (If we could buy Sweet Fig Farmhouse in bulk, we would.)

Cantrip Candles

Cantrip Candles

Cantrip Candles offers candles in both 6 ounce metal tins and 16 ounce glass containers. The larger candles also come with a d20 nestled somewhere in the fragrant soy wax. You’ll also find matchsticks, a candle sample pack, enamel pins, and a lot more in the online storefront.

Word of mouth spread quickly among the tabletop community about Cantrip Candles’ incredible craftsmanship. Candles often sell out just minutes after more go on sale. The next candle restock is planned for November 19, 2020. Follow Cantrip Candles on Twitter for all the updates so you don’t miss a chance to make your D&D game come to life.

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