UNSOLVED MYSTERIES Theme Song Metal Cover Absolutely Rocks

Unsolved Mysteries is a cultural staple for many reasons outside of our collective fascination with unsolved cases. (Who doesn’t try to solve mysteries from their couch?) First, there’s Robert Stack, the original host who would creep out of the smoky shadows. He was creepy yet no one could take their eyes off him as he set up chilling mysteries. Then, there’s the iconic theme song. We all know it when we hear it.

The show is back in our ethos once again with Netflix’s recent reboot, inspiring people to honor the series’ legacy in many ways. A recent example is this awesome metal cover of the show’s theme song.

The classic logo from the 1990s version of Unsolved Mysteries

Lifetime Television

YouTuber and musician Eric Calderone posted his take on the tune on his page. A quick caption describes his relationship with the show and his very relatable fear of Stack. Honestly, everyone was afraid of this guy. Calderone says:

Hi all!

So I’ve watched this show since basically I was born. And I won’t lie, Robert Stack used to scare the absolute shit outta me haha. The theme though….mmm mmmmmmmm. I really wanted to do it straight up, ya know the drums at the beginning, but I thought it would have a nice lil twisty feel if it started off like Angels Don’t Kill. Thanks so much for everything. I’ve said it before…you rock my casbah.

Much love


The clip is pretty simple with him shredding on the guitar. The Unsolved Mysteries logo and that creepy fog in the middle of murder woods are in the background. Calderone got a lot of praise for his rendition with commenters saying it brought something fresh without compromising the song’s quality. And we give him the same praise. A metal cover of this song isn’t something that we thought we needed but we are glad that it exists now.

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