UNSOLVED MYSTERIES Podcast Version Coming Soon

Unsolved Mysteries creeped its way back into all of our hearts earlier this year, thanks to its wildly popular Netflix revival series. Folks began discussing cold cases and mysterious lights in the sky again, right at a time we needed a distraction. Now, Unsolved Mysteries spins off into a new format, one very suited for where America’s true crime obsession really thrives these days — podcasts.

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According to Deadline,  a new podcast version of the series is coming soon. The producers of the TV series have struck a deal with podcast producers Cadence13 for an unspecified amount of episodes. “There are an incredible number of cases that we hope to solve through the podcast,” said Terry Dunn Meurer, the show’s co-creator and executive producer in a statement.

The Unsolved Mysteries podcasts will be weekly, and each episode will entice listeners with an all new unsolved case. Similar to its TV counterpart, it will then take a deep dive into one specific story. In case you’re wondering, yes, the podcast will also feature the original theme music. It’s not really Unsolved Mysteries without the iconic music, is it? Staying largely the same will be the show’s format. It still includes a narrator; several interviews with individuals involved with cases as well. And of course, requests from the audience for help in solving them.

No word yet on just which mysteries they will be looking at, but hopefully they will revisit some still unsolved cases from the original series run. The first show ran for ten years on NBC, from 1987-1997. Subsequent revivals came via CBS, then later on various cable networks. None of these caught on like the current Netflix version however.  The second half of Netflix’s first season just dropped on October 19. The new podcast version of Unsolved Mysteries is set to release in early 2021.

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