THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY Has Been Renewed for a Second Season

We’ve known for a long time that Gerard Way was a talented musician. As the lead singer of My Chemical Romance, he brought a healthy dose of weird to the pop-punk scene. But, it turns out, he’s also a talented comic book writer, and now he’s got another accomplishment to look forward to. The Umbrella Academy, the  Netflix series based on his comic book series of the same name, has been renewed for season two, per  Variety.

This should come as good news to anyone who watched the first season, which ended with a huge cliffhanger: the literal end of the world. If you’ve read Way and artist Gabriel Bà’s comic series, you’ll know what happens next, but show-only people were likely confused about the ending. The second season will answer the question of where our heroes go next, and what life looks like after the end… if it’s really the end.

Way and Bà are still working on The Umbrella Academy comics. To date, only two of a planned eight volumes has been released, with the third coming this August. If the show should continue on past season two, it’ll have plenty of ground to cover. “The idea with the comic is to go right from Series 3, take a three-to-four-month break, then go right into Series 4,” Way told IndieWire. “That is kind of our schedule to keep us on track. So there is story there and it’s all planned out.”

For those unfamiliar with the series, it’s set in an alternate reality where, in 1989, 43 babies were all inexplicably born to random women who showed no signs of pregnancy the day before. Seven of those babies are adopted by a billionaire who nourishes their special abilities and raises them to save the world. Ellen Page, Tom Hopper, and Robert Sheehan star.

No word yet on when the second season will premiere, but filming begins in Toronto this summer.

Images: Netflix

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