TURNING RED Deleted Scene Shows Us How to ‘Tame the Panda’

Growing up is never easy. From the massive change in mood and personality to the very fact that you need new shoes every ten minutes, it’s a tough prospect for anybody. Much more so if you happen to turn into a giant red panda when you express any kind of strong emotion. Adolescence is all about strong emotions! Disney-Pixar’s Turning Red is a delightful coming of age story with a definite sense of time and perspective. It’s also just a hoot as we watch Mei deal with all the pitfalls of getting older along with the hereditary magic of becoming a giant animal. Very relatable.

Below is our exclusive look at a deleted scene from the film—available on digital April 26 and on Blu-ray May 3. Director and co-writer Domee Shi introduces the scene, called “Taming the Panda,” in which Mei’s mother Ming, who grew up with the same magical condition, tries to help her control her emotions. Easier said than done, especially when food is involved.

Pixar has certainly made the most out of exploring, through a fantastical lens, the most relatable things in the world. Growing up; emotions; life, death, everything. These themes are universal. Anyone should be able to see some aspect of themselves in any of these movies. What makes  Turning Red so special is that it plants us firmly in a particular time, place, and culture. It may not be where I came from, but you can’t deny how resonant things like bonding with your parents or going through puberty are. Cinema is an empathy machine, and Pixar’s filmmakers do that better than just about anyone.

Ming attempts to help Meilin control her panda in a rough, pencil-sketch deleted scene from the Pixar film Turning Red.

You can own Turning Red on digital from April 26. Or, if you’re a physical media junkie (like me) you can wait for the Blu-ray release on May 3, just in time for Mother’s Day! And check out Laura Sirikul’s review of the movie too!

The Blu-ray box for Disney-Pixar's Turning Red.

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