Get Into the Holiday Spirit with a Tree Stand That Pours Beer

If one of your Christmas wishes this year is to feel more like you live in a frat house, Miller Light has you covered. Whether you’re on Santa’s naughty or nice list, you can literally tap into the spirit of the holiday via a keg of beer housed under your tree. The unconventional tree stand leaves just enough room for a pony keg (a small keg, not an actual pony). The tap pops out just under the tree, so you can get a face full of that fresh pine tree smell as you pour yourself a cold one. The tree stand sells for $49.99, the keg of beer and Christmas tree not included. 

A living room decorated for Christmas with a tree stand that houses a keg of Miller Lite
Miller Brewing Company

The tree stand will hold 150 pounds of tree and decorations. There’s room for a small keg, which is 62 pints of Miller Lite. So it should be plenty to get you through the holidays, or at least one really good party. It certainly leaves plenty of room for other gifts under the tree as well. And while you’re planning your beer-based holiday decor, don’t forget Miller Light beernaments to hang on the tree. They may look like normal glass ball ornaments but they’re big enough to hold a 12 ounce can of beer. There’s also other non-beer pouring ornaments for sale, plus other merch like ugly holiday sweater prints for you and your tap handles.  

A hand holding a Miller Lite ornament that holds a 12 ounce can of beer
Miller Brewing Company

This isn’t the first holiday-themed Miller Lite team up we’ve seen. There was also a beer koozie shaped like a shoe just in time for Father’s Day. And if you’re more of a Budweiser household but still dying to decorate, there’s a condo in Florida where the walls and ceiling are completely covered with beer cans. At least this tree/keg stand is only a holiday item. It packs away in the attic or garage for most of the year. That is, unless you want to keep the spirit going all year long.

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