New Ugly Christmas Sweaters Bring Tidings of Pop Culture Joy

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Minus the part where the ominous words of House Stark ring in our ears. Because Christmas isn’t the only big event around the corner. Winter is coming too. You don’t have to choose whether you want to be warm or festive, though. That’s what ugly holidays sweaters are for. And this year, you can be toasty while opening gifts, all while celebrating your favorite shows and movies. Warner Bros. has announced a new collection of “ugly” pop culture Christmas sweaters. It features holiday cheer for Friends, Elf, Rick and Morty, and Game of Thrones. But if you’re looking for something that screams positivity, Ted Lasso got his very own ugly Christmas sweatshirt.

Models wearing ugly Christmas sweaters for Friends and Elf
Warner Bros.

The 2021 collection of new Christmas sweaters at Warner Bros. online shop has something for everyone. The green and red Friends sweater celebrates the group’s favorite hangout, Central Perk. Much like Buddy himself, the Elf sweater is basically unbridled joy in fabric form. Rick and Morty‘s “Let’s Get Schwifty” pastel top is our choice for anyone who likes their eggnog spiked. And the Game of Thrones “Winter is Coming” sweater is an homage to the wardens of the North and their reminder of the cold future that awaits all of us.

Each sweater is 100% acrylic, so it has what Warner Bros. describes as “a soft feel” that isn’t itchy. Each will cost you (or the Kris Kringle in your friend group) $64.95.

Models wearing ugly Christmas sweaters for Rick and Morty and Game of Thrones
Warner Bros.

If you want to keep smiling during the stressful holiday season, though, or you just don’t like rocking a sweater, you can go caroling with a blue Ted Lasso sweatshirt ($58.95). It features a cartoon drawing of AFC Richmond’s manager donning a Santa hat. The knit fleece pullover crew neck sweatshirt is preshrunk too. So no worries that the Nate in your life might accidentally ruin it on purpose.

A cartoon drawing of Ted Lasso with a Santa hat on a blue holiday sweatshirt
Warner Bros.

You can also save on each of these ugly pop-culture sweaters. The WB Shop is giving customers 15% off sitewide on Black Friday, Nov. 26. Or you can hope your size doesn’t sell out and get 20% off sitewide on Cyber Monday, Nov. 29. There’s also free shipping on all orders from Black Friday through Cyber Monday.

You don’t have to be Ted Lasso to believe that’s a nice deal. Nor do you have to swear fealty to House Stark to know both Christmas and winter are coming.

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