These Travel Posters Inspired by Your Favorite Novels Are a Trip

When reading some of the greatest novels ever written, it’s very easy to imagine yourself actually there. Whether it’s a classic like Moby Dick and you can practically feel the swaying ship deck beneath your feet, or it’s a beloved book series like Harry Potter that makes you feel like you’re at home in the halls of Hogwarts, books can seem like a little vacation every time you pick them up.
PBS took that inspiring idea and ran with it, creating incredibly stylish and witty travel posters for stories that we all hold dear. Don’t you wish you could take a road trip to spend a few hours inside your favorite book?

The Great American Read is a PBS television series that explores literacy and the power of stories. Through a national survey, 100 novels were chosen as America’s beloved books. The list is incredibly diverse with a range of authors and books–not limited to just American authors as long as the novel is in English–and by the end of the TV series, the 100 will be whittled down by vote to choose the U.S.’s favorite book.

In the meantime, PBS has been sharing these snazzy travel posters from some of literature’s most popular settings. The minimalist images of Narnia, The Capitol, dystopian London, and more can bring an entire book back to you in a rush and with a smile. They’re even available in sizes large enough to print as a 18×24 poster.

Take a peek at just a few of the literary travel posters in the gallery below.

If you could travel to your favorite book setting, where would you go? Tell us about your dream trip in the comments.

Images: PBS

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