New Survey Breaks Down Favorite Pixar Movies By State

Toy Story 4 is the latest entry into Pixar’s portfolio of beloved films. To celebrate the occasion, just published a nationwide study on what Pixar films people love.

Using Google Trends, the website was able to determine which film was the most popular in each state. The results are surprising.

Up, which has been one of Pixar’s best acclaimed films, is the most popular film nationwide. 17 states in total loved the film in 2019, a number that grew from last year’s handful of states. Geographically, it seems that East Coast states are the ones that adore Up. Perhaps like Carl, they are saving up their money for a trip to Paradise Falls…

The surprising runner “Up” (get it?) is Brave, with 8 states. States like Colorado, the Dakotas, and Minnesota are fans of the film. I’m guessing the film’s woodland setting would be relatable for those surrounded by forests and mountains. The third most popular film was Inside Out, with 5 states feeling “Joy-ful” over this film. Seems that Utah, Ohio, Oregon, Nebraska and Indiana got hit in the feels with this one.

New Survey Breaks Down Favorite Pixar Movies By State_1

When it comes to films with sequels, like Toy Story and Dory, you get interesting results. Toy Story 3 has 3 states backing up its emotional journey. Only two states, Idaho, and Florida prefer Toy Story 2 and Toy Story, respectively. Hawaii is the only state that likes Finding Nemo, but Kansas, Iowa, Rhode Island, and Montana prefer Finding Dory.

The Incredibles have super strength in California and Texas, and the climate-change movie Wall-E is beloved in Alaska. Recent favorite Coco is nowhere to be seen, but perhaps it’ll make an appearance in coming years.

Where do you think Toy Story 4 might land? My best bet is up north, close to Canada, thanks to the film’s breakout star, Duke Caboom.

Images: Pixar

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