This Toy Photographer Puts the “Action” in Action Figure

Toy photographer and super nerd Jax Navarro, a.k.a. Plastic Action, has been creating amazing and hilarious photos for years. Using high quality action figures, he’s made hilarious mash-ups of all of your pop culture favorites. A couple years back, he had cinematic horror icons take on Marvel’s Thanos, and even had the Flash outrun Luke Skywalker’s landspeeder. And those are but the tip of the iceberg. For the first installment of Nerdist Now, we sat down with Navarro for an in-depth interview about his process, his sprawling toy collection, and much more. Watch:

And if you don’t have time to watch the video, you can scroll down to view some incredible photos Navarro shared with us. His images cover just about every corner of the wide nerd world. For example: what if Walter White and Jesse Pinkman had to save the space-time continuum? They could absolutely do it, but I think they’d manage to make the universe collapse in on itself. This crossover of Breaking Bad characters with Back to the Future is your density.

Breaking Bad and Back to the Future toy photography mash-up

Jax Navarro

Now what about pegging Godzilla vs. Aquaman? That just seems unfair—to Godzilla.

Aquaman fighting Godzilla toy photography mash-up

Jax Navarro

Below, the Mandalorian himself rides a dewback at what looks like the annual Mos Eisley Rodeo Show. We’s like to imagine that Baby Yoda is cheering for him off screen.

Mandalorian riding a dewback toy photography

Jax Navarro

Beyond being fun and overflowing with fandom, Navarro’s photography is gorgeous. The lighting is rich and adds to the drama of the moment being captured. Particles in the air add to the environment. Every photo is more than posed action figures; they’re all stories. And these images are only a few examples of Navarro’s talents. Be sure to flip through this gallery to see more of his creations.

Additionally, you can view Navarro’s entire portfolio at his website (he has lots of basketball action figure images too!) and buy prints of select photos. Keep tabs on his latest projects on social media; he’s on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Featured Image: Jax Navarro

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