TOP GUN: MAVERICK Gets Remade with a Cat in the Pilot’s Seat

It’s not enough to call Top Gun: Maverick a bonafide hit. The long-awaited sequel is a worldwide phenomenon, bringing in nearly $1.5 billion in ticket sales around the globe. And it didn’t just take off with audiences, either. Critics also loved the high-octane return of Tom Cruise’s Pete Mitchell. That’s why it’s hard to imagine it possibly being any better than it already is. But that was before we saw the Top Gun franchise reimagined with a cat in a starring role. And while America might not be safer with a feline flyer, it sure is a lot cuter. And also a lot funnier.

The YouTube channel OwlKitty felt the need…the need for speed. It also felt the need to make yet another perfect movie/cat mashup video. Their latest cinematic crossover places an adorable black cat alongside Tom Cruise’s iconic Navy pilot. Rather than serving with Goose (RIP Goose!) during his early flying days, Maverick had a little furry friend with him. And presumably because cat’s ( and Tom Cruise) have nine lives, it was still around for the 2022 sequel. (Again, we miss you Goose!)

From the sands of a volleyball court to riding on a motorcycle, this kitty lives life fast. He’s also a pretty good pilot himself, taking some of the country’s best young fliers to school. Though, in fairness to them, we imagine it would be hard to focus when flying alongside a cat at Mach 3.

A black cat wearing a pilot helmet and flying a fighterjet in a Top Gun mashup

Would Top Gun: Maverick really have been even better with a cat in a prominent role? Probably not, but we’re not ruling it out either. We are positive, though, that this combo made for perfect internet silliness. Because while we always have the need for speed, we also always have the need for funny cat videos. And anyone who gives those to us can always be our wingman.

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