TITANIC Video Imagines Rose as a Shaggy Cat

How are you spending your Valentine’s Day this year? Well, if you’re single, it might be with a bowl of ice cream and a romantic movie on TV. And what movie hits you in the romantic feels more than Titanic? Really, is there anything more romantic in cinema than popsicle stick Leo floating in the freezing waters and letting his beloved rest comfortably on the plank?

Well, someone has made James Cameron’s historical romantic epic even better, with the addition of OwlKitty in the role of Rose. Sorry Kate Winslet, but they’ve officially replaced you with a house cat. You can watch the adorable cat in Titanic in the video down below:

For those of you unfamiliar with OwlKitty, her real name is Lizzy. The moniker is merely the cat’s stage name, so to speak. Over the last few years, her owner has gained quite a bit of internet fame by making Lizzy the “star” of several iconic movies. She’s performed in many award-winning films and blockbusters. But OwlKitty in the Rose role from Titanic somehow seems the most fitting. As you can see, OwlKitty is a very good cat, and she deserves a portrait just like one of Jack’s French girls.

OwlKitty is the King of the World in this Titanic redo.

Besides Titanic, there have been many beloved and iconic films starring OwlKitty in the lead role. Her star turns in films such as Raiders of the Lost ArkStar WarsAvengers: EndgameThe Lion KingThe Lord of the Rings, Jaws, and several others are very memorable. Maybe one of the best parodies features OwlKitty as the T. rex in Jurassic Park, terrorizing our heroes from the film. Another Jurassic Park video shows the cat as the raptor. How many human actors get to play two different dinosaurs? You can check out the rest of the cat’s incredible oeuvre by visiting her YouTube channel.

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