A Tony Hawk Documentary Is Coming in 2022

If you’ve ever wanted to find out more about the life of skateboarding legend Tony Hawk, your wait is over. A documentary about the icon is making its way to theaters next year. Variety revealed the world-famous skater would be the focus of an upcoming documentary by director Sam Jones. 

“We have already shot everything for it; it’s just in the editing process,” Hawk reveals to Variety. “I definitely wanted to give them as much footage and interview as possible.”

The video game version of Tony Hawk wears a blue shirt, shorts, and a helmet, and balances on his skateboard in the game's iconic first stage. Behind him is a huge skate arena full of quarter pipes, ramps, and rails.


Pretending I’m A Superman, a documentary about Hawk’s video games, came out in September of last year. So, this makes the Jones documentary the first to focus on his life and career.

Though this is Jones’ first film about Hawk, it isn’t the first time they have collaborated. In 2013, and a few times since, Hawk was a guest on Off Camera with Sam Jones, the director’s interview-format TV series. 

Though Hawk officially retired from the now- Olympic sport, he continues to be a pop culture mainstay. Just last year he competed on the popular show The Masked Singer. And he’s kind of a big deal in the video game world. He has 21 self-titled video games at Activision.

Also, he’s consistently proving how humble he is. Have you seen his tweets about not being recognized in public?  Not to mention consistently being just an all-around nice guy

The documentary is gearing up to be a really intimate look at the skateboarder. Co-producer Mark Duplass tells Variety that they’ve “been quietly working on this one for a few years. We are floored with the unmitigated access Tony has allowed us to his life and his fascinating relationship to the sport.”

Can’t wait til 2022 for your dose of the ‘Birdman’? Well, you won’t have to wait for much longer. He’ll make an appearance in Jackass Forever which hits theaters in October.

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