INDIANA JONES Deepfaked with Tom Selleck Works Amazingly Well

The Indiana Jones films make up what is, without a doubt, one of the greatest trilogies in cinema history (we’re focusing on the original trilogy here, sorry Kingdom of the Crystal Skull). But did you know that the legendary films were, at one point, going to star Tom Selleck rather than Harrison Ford? And while it may seem heretical, that casting may have actually worked out, as evidenced by this deepfake with Ford’s face swapped out for Selleck’s in the movies.


The clip, produced by YouTuber Sham00K, features iconic scenes—what scenes aren’t iconic from Indiana Jones?—from all three of the original movies with Selleck’s face superimposed over Ford’s. Selleck’s world famous mustache is obviously the highlight, and works exceptionally well for the character of Indiana Jones, athough Ford’s five o’clock shadow still takes the facial-hair cake for most believable. (Indy would never have enough time to keep up a grand ‘stache like that.)

And if seeing Selleck’s face on Ford’s in this random assortment of scenes doesn’t cement in your mind how good Selleck would’ve been as Indiana Jones, maybe this clip of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg discussing his casting will. In the clip, we not only learn that Lucas and Spielberg really wanted Selleck for the part, but also manage to grab a glimpse of the Magnum, P.I. actor auditioning for the role. Check out the way Selleck delivers Indy’s lines; he really does sound right for the character. He’s also a taller, beefier person than Ford, which may have made some of Indy’s fighting sequences more believable.


Don’t be mistaken though, Ford was obviously born to play Indiana Jones, and Han Solo, and all of his other timeless characters. Selleck, on the other hand, would’ve worked OK in those roles, but was really born to remind us all of the glories of piercing hazel eyes and well manicured facial hair.

What do you think about Tom Selleck as Indiana Jones? Would the original trilogy have worked just as well with him as it does with Ford? Grow out and meticulously trim your thoughts in the comments!

Images: Sham00K

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