Is George Lucas’ Idea for STAR WARS Sequels What You Expected?

Some Star Wars fans have questioned whether Disney has taken the sequel trilogy into directions never intended by George Lucas. But now that Lucas has revealed his idea for the sequels involved microscopic lifeforms, perhaps the nostalgia effect won’t be quite as intense going forward. Today’s Nerdist News Talks Back dives into the Star Wars trilogy that could have been.

Amy Vorpahl guest hosts today’s show and welcomes her guests: managing editor Amy Ratcliffe, associate editor Kyle Anderson, and producer Derek Johnson. The first item on the agenda was the return of Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman 1984. How is this guy not dead? Because comics. That’s really the only answer anyone needs, but we do love some of the wilder theories floating around.

Tim Burton’s live-action update of Dumbo is also on the way, and the first trailer has taken flight. Could this be Burton’s best remake? Or even his best film?

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Featured Image: Lucasfilm

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