What’s This Weird Tom Hiddleston Video All About?

Things seem to be going pretty well in life for Tom Hiddleston. He’s a world famous actor, he’s going to star as Loki again in his v ery own Marvel mini-series, and he gets to walk around with that face. But should we be worried about him? Is everything okay? Because he released a very weird video that is either a cry for help or a very unusual way to promote a new adaptation of a popular play.A bearded Hiddleston, wearing a suit with no tie, posted a one minute video of himself solemnly walking through what appears to be London’s famous graffiti-covered tunnel along Leake Street. He slowly walks forward past some garbage bins and stops. He then looks slightly off camera, like a child silently watching the ice cream truck drive away before they could get anything. At the end the word “Betrayal” flashes on screen.

Hey Tom, buddy, you okay?Don’t worry, he’s probably okay, because as Pedestrian points out, fans think this could be Hiddleston’s unique way of announcing a new adaptation of Harold Pinter’s 1978 play Betrayal. Recently at an event honoring Pinter, Hiddleston praised the author’s writing for being “something else, something different, something lean and spare, and with a very distinctive voice that kept drawing me back.â€

Hmm, that suit without a tie getup looks familiar….Okay, we’re not nearly as worried about this video as we first were. In fact, we’re excited about the possibility of Hiddleston starring in one of the best works from a famous playwright.Just in case though someone please give Tom Hiddleston a hug.Do you think this is his way of announcing a new project, a cry for help, or something else entirely? Let us know in the comments below.

Image: Tom Hiddleston

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