Tom Hiddleston’s Drawings of Loki Are the Cutest

Loki may be a perpetually surprising character, but the actor who plays him remains adorable. If you met Loki, you’d be a damn fool to make any kind of request of him, unless it’s something like “enslave me last,” but when you meet Tom Hiddleston, it’s another matter. Redditor Jgabes625 reports his friend took an  Infinity War poster to Hiddleston for a siganture only to realize Loki is one of the few Marvel movie characters not depicted on said poster. Oops.So instead, he asked the avatar of the Norse deity of mischief if he could draw himself in. Not being an actual angry Frost child, but rather a grateful and kind celebrity, Hiddleston obliged.
My buddy’s poster didn’t have Loki on it, so he asked Tom Hiddleston to draw him. from r/marvelstudios

DesignTAXI compared the work of art to a previous drawing Hiddleston did of himself as Loki on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and indeed, they’re close matches.

The key element, clearly, is the toothy grin, plus those big horns, which become almost banana-esque in the Hiddleston’s hands. There’s an emoji-like simplicity to it, but you can nonetheless instantly tell which Marvel movie character it’s supposed to be. In short, it works.Now we’d like to see him try his hand at drawing all the rest of the Avengers and their foes. Maybe there could be a Mondo exclusive Hiddleston variant poster for Avengers 4. You’d buy one, right? Let us know in comments.

Featured Image: Marvel

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