Toddler Slays Rage Against the Machine Cover

Rage Against the Machine’s anti-establishment rock has rarely been cute. But that’s all changed thanks to a little girl named Audrey and her cover of “Killing in the Name.” Accompanied by her dad on guitar, Audrey has melted our hearts with this sweet rendition of the classic track!

The quarantine has led to many of us trying out new habits and hobbies and sharing them online. We’ve also all been looking for ways to cheer ourselves up. Well, this lovely video combines both. Not only is there a sweet young kid showing off their musical prowess, but she’s singing an anti-government, anti-racist metal song. Perfect.

We’re not the only fans of Audrey and her rendition of such iconic lines as “Some of those that work forces are the same that burn crosses” and “Those who died are justified for wearing the badge, they’re the chosen whites.” Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine shared the video to his Twitter account with the message “Preach sister preach.”

We Love This Super Cute Cover of Rage Against the Machine_1


This video has given us a lot of joy this week and we’re incredibly grateful to Audrey for her skills. More kids should be singing songs about politics and police brutality. It’s both relevant and cute! Teen rebellion against the state usually takes around ten more years to settle in but we love that now little ones are getting in on it, too.

The big question is what should Audrey cover next? She’s already shown her talent here and she does have some other covers on YouTube, too. We can’t wait to see her eventual band hit the scene. If this video is anything to go by they’ll be equally badass and cute AF we sounds like we’ll be their biggest fans. Basically, the Audrey fan club starts here!

Header Image: Paradigmaestro

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