This Heavy Metal Cover Album of Disney Songs Will Rock Your Mouse Ears off

Disney songs are the music of our childhoods. And now our childhoods are a little more hardcore thanks to Metal Disney, a compilation of heavy metal takes on classic Disney movie tunes that’s just debuted in the US, according to Rolling Stone. The album, brought to life by the “D-Metal Superstars” (that’s “D” for Disney), adds sweet guitar licks and some serious shredding to favorites from The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, The Lion King and more to bring out the Mouse’s darker side.

Although Metal Disney is a recent arrival to these shores, the album has been out for a year in Japan, where it’s climbed almost to the top of the rock/metal charts and the kids’ charts. The idea of tiny Japanese children headbanging and throwing up devil horns to “Under the Sea” is pretty unbeatable.

If you’re still feeling a twinge of skepticism about Metal Disney, think back to the darkness of your most beloved Disney movies. Remember when Scar got ripped to shreds by hyenas, or when Judge Frollo sang an entire song dedicated to how much he hated himself for lusting after a woman? Then there’s the Pleasure Island/donkey transformation scene in Pinocchio that traumatized multiple generations of children. Disney’s always been kind of metal.

Besides, the D-Metal Superstars are veterans of the scene. The lineup includes Rudy Sarzo, who used to play bass for Ozzy Osbourne, and Mike Vescera, John Bruno, and B.J. Zampa: the vocalist, guitarist, and drummer from the band Obsession. When it comes to rocking, Disney is serious.

So what does it sound like when a band from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre III soundtrack and a former bassist for the guy who bit the heads off bats come together for fairytale magic? To answer that, Disney has released an unlisted sample on YouTube, where you can hear the D-Metal Superstars rocking out on the Beauty and the Beast theme song.

What do you think of the D-Metal Superstars? Is there a Disney song you’re hoping to hear them cover? Let us know in the comments!

Images: Flickr/ Chad Sparkes and Flickr/ Ricky Brigante

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