TITANS Finds Its Barbara Gordon in Savannah Welch

One of the most iconic members of the Bat-Family is headed to HBO Max. Yep, Barbara Gordon will be joining Titans season three. And the casting is perfect. According to Variety, Savannah Welch will be taking on the radical role, and in doing so will break some new ground for DC.

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DC Comics

First introduced in Detective Comics #359, Barbara Gordon took on the mantle of Batgirl and made it her own. She’s since become one of the most beloved members of Batman lore. But Titans is adapting her time as Oracle. After the Joker attacked the hero and paralyzed her, she had to craft a new space for herself. Oracle utilized her tech skills and intelligence to become the woman behind the screen for some of Gotham’s biggest heroes. This is where we’ll find her in Titans. Continuing their roll of brilliant casting, the crew behind the show has cast a disabled woman in Welch. This marks the first time that a disabled actor will be playing Babs. About time!

Titans already showcased their dedication to inclusive and authentic casting last season with the wonderful Chella Man as Jericho. From these awesome BTS stunt training scenes Welch posted, it looks like she’ll be just as badass as in the comics. You may have seen Welch in Six, Boyhood, and the Tree of Life.

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DC Comics

Plus, if you’re a fan of Dick Grayson’s messy love life, then rejoice. In the official description for the show, we learn that Babs is Dick’s ex. (Which female hero in Titans isn’t?) Babs and Dick are endgame for many comic book readers and this will be the first time we get to see this ship in live-action. Titans already has a rep for being… mature. So get ready for some hot and heavy Babs and Dick action, baby. Basically, if you were loving them in Young Justice, you’ll probably be satisfied.

We’re still waiting on a release date for the new season but it will be hitting HBO Max this year!

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