An Artist Is Making Tiny Superhero Capes For Sick Kids

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Back in 2013, Robyn Rosenberger founded TinySuperheroes with the goal in mind to help children realize one particular dream: to look like the superheroes they are on the inside. TinySuperheroes makes adorable cloth capes emblazoned with unique decorations and personalized initials to suit each individual child. Every time you purchase a cape, TinySuperheroes sends one to a child overcoming illness or disability.

Rosenberger stumbled upon the idea for her company after she made her nephew a superhero cape for his second birthday. She thought that it looked so amazing on him, billowing behind him as he ran and played, that she decided to give other kids the gift of a superhero cape. Even though Rosenberger is not a seamstress, she was so inspired by the children around her that she could not let the opportunity pass her by.

The real turning point in Rosenberger’s journey to TinySuperheroes came when she found a blog about a brave young girl named Brenna who was suffering from a rare skin condition and who was born just two months after Rosenberger’s own son. On the description page of the TinySuperheroes website, Rosenberger says that she realized “while my nephew and son looked cute in their capes, Brenna needed one.” In January 2013, she sent Brenna and her family a package of capes in order to help reflect Brenna’s extraordinary spirit.

After just a few short months, what had started as a hobby for Rosenberger spiraled into a superpowered business concept.

On the TinySuperheroes website, you can purchase capes with fun designs and custom flannel interiors as part of the “Buy a Cape, Give a Cape” campaign. The base designs include rockets, lightning bolts, fish, hearts, and whales, and you can have them embroidered on pink, purple, red, and blue capes. You can personalize the cape with your child’s initials or even the Kryptonian symbol for “hope,” if you so choose.

When you buy one of these capes, TinySuperheroes sends another to a child on the waiting list. You can also separately nominate children for the waiting list or sponsor capes for those already on the list if you’d like to speed up the giving process. Each cape comes in a keepsake box with a TinySuperheroes Squad Welcome Kit and with information about the child who was sent the additional cape.

TinySuperheroes also sells t-shirts with the company logo and “Custom Squad Cards”, which include the child’s picture and a short description of his or her origin story.

Thanks to Rosenberger’s efforts and the heroism of the children she affects, the gift TinySuperheroes gives to children is anything but tiny.

What other geeky gifts have a big effect on children’s lives, and who are the people making these gifts possible? Let’s talk about these amazingly giving humans in the comments, and visit the TinySuperheroes website to find out more.

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