Listen to this Tiny Happy Fox Sing Its Little Heart Out

If you’re having a long day and just need to look at some cute animals and listen to something calming, the below video from the nonprofit organization SaveAFox has a treat for you: a “singing” fox. Although “singing” here is a term used very loosely as this tiny fox, while adorable, mostly sounds like he’s whining. But in a melodic way if you listen closely. Or, conversely, stuff something into your ears.

Laughing Squid picked up on the tiny fox’s rendition of whimpering in G major. It’s unclear what inspired the fox, Muttias, to break out in whiny song, but it’s obvious he’s having a great day out in the sunshine. (We sing on sunny days like these too and sound just as good!)

As for the actual singing, again, you really have to stretch your imagination. Perhaps the best way to think about it is as a short little opera sung by somebody who’s just sucked down a few balloons full of helium. Rubber and all. SaveAFox does refer to Muttias’ sounds as singing, though. And, apparently, this isn’t the first time somebody’s caught a fox singing.

A tiny happy fox singing its heart out in the sunshine in Minnesota.

Regardless of any forthcoming record deals the fox may have with the hen, it’s wonderful seeing the animal in such great spirits. SaveAFox rescues captive, non-releasable foxes and gives them expansive, woody forever homes in Minnesota. Mikayla Raines, the founder of SaveAFox, notes that rescue foxes come in from fur farms, “hoard situations,” and after officials have seized them from owners keeping them illegally. Mikayla and her team also has to rescue foxes from people who buy pet foxes without understanding “how extremely difficult they are to care for.” 

Speaking of which, anybody who’s thinking of getting a pet fox, why not a dog? Or a cat? Or, why not watch Cats? If you love this fox’s singing, you’ll love that movie!

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