TikToker’s Viral Pressure-Washing Videos Are Quite Satisfying

Aj Joyner of Muscle Shoals, Alabama is a 21-year-old entrepreneur who’s turned lemons into lemonade in one of the most 21st century ways possible. When COVID-19 wiped out business opportunities for his pressure-washing company last year, he took to TikTok for some bonus marketing. Now, the young CEO’s deeply satisfying videos of cleaning cement and brick are going viral. As in “tens of millions of views” viral.

@gotdatpressureI’m doing my best to get in the Christmas spirit?? ##pressurewashing ##satisfying ##oddlysatisfying ##art ##christmas ♬ original sound – ??????⭐️

Joyner’s TikTok account, gotdatpressure, has already posted countless clips of him pressure washing things. The account has an unbelievable 1.3 million followers, and most of his videos earn at least a few hundred thousand views.

“I started looking at different options on the marketing side and that’s how I kind of led into TikTok because I can create these fun, entertaining videos and I gave it a try,” Joyner said in an interview with WHNT news. And people can, indeed, sense that Joyner is having a lot of fun with his work.

@gotdatpressureMy camera got moist? ##pressurewashing ##asthectic ##art ##satisfying ##timelapse ##powerwashing ♬ Home – Edith Whiskers

Some of his most-viewed videos, like the ones above, have earned upwards of 10 million views. The video immediately below of Joyner washing what looks to be an alleyway? Thirty million. Which is all the more shocking because Joyner seems to have had no urge to become a “TikToker” in the normal sense of the word. Instead, he just wanted his business to survive.

@gotdatpressure2 different versions of this vid. Which is better?? ##pressurewashing ##satisfying ##fyp ♬ original sound – audios

“You want to push even harder during the tough times and I knew COVID was going to be terrible,” Joyner added in his WHNT interview. Indeed, while he’s having fun, he says his TikTok career all boils down to “documenting and uploading” his work. (Which apparently just so happens to pressure wash people’s souls clean.)

@gotdatpressureFinally getting my equipment back from the wreck! New vids soon? ##pressurewashing ##oddlysatisfying ##satisfying ##timelapse ##fyp ##FallDIY ##art ♬ Cant Stop PressureWashing – Aj Joyner
A 21-year-old entrepreneur in Alabama is making massively viral pressure-washing videos on TikTok.

Peachtree Pressure Washing

On top of TikTok, Joyner’s bringing his marketing campaign to other social media platforms. “Gotdatpressureofficial” has a solid following of over 40,000 people on Instagram, for example, although his YouTube and Twitter accounts are still nascent. Thanks to Joyner’s work ethic, however, we can’t imagine it’ll be long before the numbers are a wash between all his accounts.

Feature image: Peachtree Pressure Washing

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