THUS SPOKE KISHIBE ROHAN Is a Must Watch for Horror Fans

Hirohiko Araki’s JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure manga has delighted and excited fans since 1987. But its anime adaptation has made it a global phenomenon. While the main show is a wonderfully fantastical and fashionable crime adventure, our newest obsession is a limited spinoff centered around the famed mangaka known as Rohan Kishibe. First introduced during the Diamond is Unbreakable arc, Netflix has a wicked four episode horror anime based on Rohan’s adventures and it’s a must watch for fans of scary stories and spooky shows.

What Is Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan?

First things first: You don’t have to watch or read JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure to watch Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan. While the character exists in the world of that show, this is essentially a standalone anthology. Based on a series of one shot manga stories by Araki, each episode begins with Rohan recalling a strange tale. In that way it follows some of our favorite horror series like The X-Files, Are You Afraid of the Dark, and Goosebumps. But these stories are far odder and often scarier.

In a still from Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan we see the famed mangaka standing in front of the sky


Who’s the Titular Hero?

Araki brings his radical style and sensibility from JoJo’s for these standalone stories. Rohan is an outrageously entertaining protagonist. His fashions are designed around the tools of his trade; inking nibs dangle from his ears, pens are utilized as buttons. His startlingly green hair leaps from his head as he enthuses and enunciates. Blending humor and horror perfectly, Rohan is our knowledgeable guide into the eerie world he inhabits.

Why Is Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan Perfect for Horror Fans?

So if you delve into the world of Rohan Kishibe, what sort of stories can you expect? Well, it’s certainly one of the more eclectic collections of horror yarns we’ve ever seen. From haunted gym bros to etiquette obsessed spirits all the way through overhearing a haunted confession, these are not your average ghost stories. Each one is scarier than the last. It helps that the writing is hilarious and the voice acting is impeccable. In fact, the worst thing about the show is that there are only four episodes. We need more spooky Rohan stories!

In a still from Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan we see the famed mangaka racing a gym bro on a treadmill


If you’re a die hard horror fan you’ll likely feel Araki’s love for the genre. The series bursts with his influences. Episodes play with nods to iconic horror authors like Poe and often feel like spiritual successors to Junji Ito. While Rohan might be an unconventional leading horror hero, his show fits perfectly into the genre while adding something new. We get religious supernatural tales a la The Conjuring—but weirder—and there are spooky haunted house stories, as well as gore-filled murders. Rohan fills all your horror-loving needs.

As the colder evenings creep in and we get ready for spooky season, this is the perfect fall watch. Smart, spooky, and utterly hilarious, Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan might be your new fave horror show. After all, how often do you get to discover a new animated series that can both make you cry with laughter and give you nightmares?

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