THREE LITTLE WISHES’ Trailer Tells You To Be Careful What You Wish For

Kelly Castleton is going to use wishes to save the world. It’s an unconventional approach, but if it works… Kelly lives a life of structure; she’s a lawyer. I get it—I appreciate planning and routine. But when Kelly goes out a limb and makes a spontaneous decision, she meets the fairy king Oberon. The newly freed Oberon offers Kelly three wishes. Simple, right? The original graphic novel Three Little Wishes from Legendary Comics illustrates it is the absolute opposite. The Three Little Wishes trailer shows off some off Steven Yeowell’s gorgeous art and the story from writer Paul Cornell. Watch:

You know that old adage: be careful what you wish for. That is especially true when you’re dealing with a fairy king. We don’t blame Kelly for wanting to carefully think it through. We debuted the cover for the fantasy rom-com in the spring and talked to Cornell about the story. He told us, “She’s not going to be tricked into using [the wishes] in silly ways. Oh no, she is actually going to fix the world with some very, very, carefully-worded wishes. At least, that’s the plan. She is a complete hero and the world needs more like her. Or just the one exactly like her, with the wishes.”

A woman looks at a captured man in a bottle on the illustrated cover of Three Little Wishes
Legendary Comics

It’s not easy to save the world—whether you approach it with wishes or not. I admire Kelly’s altruistic approach. She wants to use the wishes for the good of the many instead of focusing on herself. And as she figures out what to do with her good fortune, she has to spend a lot of time with Oberon. Get ready for very charming banter.

Three Little Wishes by writer Paul Cornell, artist Steve Yeowell, letterer Simon Bowland, and colorist Pippa Bowland will be available wherever you buy books on Tuesday, July 12.

Featured Image: Legendary Comics

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