We Reveal the Cover for the Fantasy Rom-Com THREE LITTLE WISHES

Imagine you met a being who could grant you three wishes. What would you ask for? Perhaps you’d go big and ask for the world, or maybe you’d start on a micro scale. Kelly Castleton faces this decision in Legendary Comics’ original graphic novel Three Little Wishes by writer Paul Cornell, artist Steve Yeowell, letterer Simon Bowland, and colorist Pippa Bowland. In this fantasy rom-com, contract lawyer Kelly Castleton finds a fairy who grants three wishes. And that fairy? He’s the fairy king, Oberon. Naturally, Kelly tries to fix the world. Nerdist has the exclusive first look at the Three Little Wishes cover.

A woman looks at a captured man in a bottle on the illustrated cover of Three Little Wishes
Legendary Comics

Kelly has only good intentions in mind when Oberon offers her the wishes. Paul Cornell tells Nerdist, “Kelly is an incredibly ethical and disciplined person, someone who uses her detail-oriented, very finicky nature to sweat the small stuff on behalf of saving her clients from the predation of awful sharks. Not real sharks. Metaphorical sharks. Though she’d have a plan for real sharks. So when she finds a bottle with the Fairy King Oberon in it, and he grants her three wishes, she’s not going to be tricked into using them in silly ways. Oh no, she is actually going to fix the world with some very, very, carefully-worded wishes. At least, that’s the plan. She is a complete hero and the world needs more like her. Or just the one exactly like her, with the wishes.”

In working out the wishes, Kelly and Oberon go back and forth. “Kelly and Oberon have a bantering, at odds relationship, with him being very English, I mean, a fairy, and her being very precise,” Cornell says. “It’s a full-on fantasy rom-com, and we haven’t even talked about the rom yet, because Kelly does have some unresolved rom in her life and just one of those wishes would fix that. Steve is an amazing artist especially when it comes to character acting, and in Three Little Wishes we get to see his gift for wry comedy. It feels like he’s cast this with brilliant comedy actors who only exist in his pen.”

You can meet Kelly and Oberon this summer. Three Little Wishes will arrive in retail stores and online on July 12, 2022.

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