THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER’s First Reactions Say It’s Mighty Good

The God of Thunder is back. Odin’s son is returning to the MCU with his fourth standalone film, Thor: Love and Thunder. Only this time he’s not the only Thor around. Natalie Portman has also returned to the franchise, and the Mjølnir-wielding Jane Foster is now just as mighty as her ex. Unfortunately for both of them Gorr the God Butcher is on the hunt for their kind. That’s a whole lot of story with a whole lot of big names. Will director Taika Waititi’s movie live up to its supersized premise and all-star cast? Can it match the heights of its 2017 predecessor, Thor: Ragnarok? Based on the first reactions following the film’s world premiere in Los Angeles, even the few who don’t think the movie was perfect had a good time. And those who think it was had an amazing time.

One of the most common compliments from those who saw the film already is that Thor: Love and Thunder is as funny as you’d hope and expect.

Thor looks at Peter Quill in Love and Thunder

But even with all those laughs it sounds like we should expect plenty of heart, too.

There was plenty of praise for the cast, as well. Bale and Portman both earned countless accolades for their performances. But those compliments didn’t end with just the human characters. Two scene-stealing goats also proved to be fan favorites.

Praise is one thing. But if you can honestly describe a movie like this you know the studio did something right.

Thor: Love and Thunder is also a big win for Guns N’ Roses. As well as for people (like me) who adore Tom Cruise’s cheesy classic Cocktail.

Not every single reaction was totally glowing and absolute in its praise. But even those who found flaws with the film seemed to love it.

Okay fine, we’ll see it. We were anyway. But now we really need to see why these goats are the GOATS.

Thor: Love and Thunder comes to theaters July 8, 2022.

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