This Restaurant Serves Customers In Quarantine Greenhouses

The United States is in an odd place right now. Some states are still maintaining strict lockdowns while others are allowing residents to dine, shop, and chill at the beach. Meanwhile, one Amsterdam restaurant is taking a creative approach to dining out with an interesting social distancing twist. As reported by Boing Boing, vegan eatery Mediamatic ETEN is using “ quarantine greenhouses” to keep patrons safe.

The glass greenhouses look like clear mini homes with a small round table for two. Some of them even include a bit of greenery because, well, it is a greenhouse…right? Patrons are able to dine together sans masks and take in all the views. The wait staff wear face guards and bring the food and drinks out on long boards that they can drop into each little dining area. Right now, Mediamatic ETEN is testing their dining greenhouses on staff friends and family but if all goes well, it will probably extend out to the general public.

wait staff brings food to customers on wooden slab


Will this method actually work? Who knows. It seems like a good idea in theory because 1) you aren’t shoved into an enclosed space with strangers and 2) the staff and customers aren’t coming into close contact. But it could get tricky if two people who don’t live together decide to dine out. They could still spread the virus to each other in the greenhouse.

Quarantine greenhouse photo


There will also have to be a way to clean both the air and space thoroughly between guests. And, it would presumably get hot and weird inside the houses on a sunny day. This plan would also require some adjustments if the weather is rainy. No matter what, it’s something that could change the way patrons dine in the future.

A greenhouse dining room is different from hanging out in a normal bar. But some people are willing to try just about anything to eat out again.

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