This MANDALORIAN Concept Art Animation Is Mesmerizing

Quarantine life is giving us lots of streaming content to finally catch up on, but we have to admit something: We really miss The Mandalorian a whole lot right now. The Disney+ Star Wars series scratched a particular cultural itch when it debuted last year. It gave us masked Pedro Pascal, gunslinging space Western storylines, and, best of all, Baby Yoda.

Lucasfilm must have known we were hungry for more Mando, because they just dropped a few extra-fun goodies on Twitter. Behold, an animated look at the concept art behind some of our favorite moments from The Mandalorian.

First, there’s this awesome look at the scene from episode four where Mando and Cara Dune take on an AT-ST with sniper weapons. The concept art is by Ryan Church, and contrasts his painting with the actual scene.

Here’s the full scene for comparison.

The thread also includes two more pieces of concept art by Christian Alzmann from the same episode. The first shows Mando and Baby Yoda stepping off the Razor Crest. The second is another look at the AT-ST scene.

If you’ve watched The Mandalorian, you already know the show is prone to giving fans these little concept art nuggets. Every episode of the series ends with art depicting the events we just watched; it’s a refreshingly transparent look at the conception-to-actuality stage, a process Disney projects don’t always let us in on.

We like to think it’s Dave Filoni’s doing. Filoni, an executive producer for The Mandalorian and the man behind the animated Star Wars series The Clone Wars and Rebels, has always shared concept art for his shows with fans. And we always appreciate it.

If things go according to plan, we’re due for more episodes of The Mandalorian when season two lands on Disney+ this October. We can’t wait to see even more peeks at the art—hopefully this time including Ahsoka Tano.

Featured Image: Lucasfilm/Christian Alzmann

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