This Company Plans POKÉMON-Themed Weddings

There’s one very special guest we all wish we could invite to our wedding, and it’s none other than Pikachu! That dream can actually come true for marrying couples in Tokyo thanks to The Pokémon Company and the wedding-planning company ESCRIT. Not only will an adorable duo of Pikachu waddle down the aisle, there’s also a Pokémon-themed menu, wedding cake, and gifts for the lucky guests in attendance. Can we get this in other cities? Like, immediately?

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According to ESCRIT’s website, as part of this wedding package (which we learned about via Kotaku), the bride and groom are provided with a deliciously cute menu, the chapel or other venue, beautifully decorated tables, and the assistance of a wedding planner to make their Pokémon wedding even more perfect. And did we mention the giant marching bride and groom Pikachu also seem to be part of the deal?

Almost every detail has a bright Pikachu-yellow touch, including the towering wedding cake. Decorated with two Pikachu, who are obviously smitten with the each other, and paired with Pokéball macarons that almost look too cute to eat, this is a wedding cake that guests will gush about for years to come.

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Even the wedding certificate is delightfully Pikachu-themed and practically worthy of framing. Guests will take home tea and a delightfully decorated baumkuchen cake. Of course, the bag they’re packaged in is adorable.

Scroll through the photo gallery of the first Pokémon wedding ceremony on the official Japanese website to see all the charming pictures of one couple’s extra special day. Pikachu even pipes up here and there in the gallery with a few happy shouts of, “Pika pika!” We don’t blame him—we’d be excited to see all these amazing decorations and themed foods at a wedding, too.

Images: The Pokémon Company

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