Meet the Pokemon of DETECTIVE PIKACHU

The upcoming live-action Pokémon movie, Detective Pikachu, has so far shown us an amazing collection of beloved Pocket Monsters in their new, photorealistic versions. I mean, Pikachu alone looks like the most perfect furry friend you could possibly ask for. But the filmmakers didn’t just pick up any old Pokémon off the street to be in the movie. They needed to make sure their cast was made of pure star power.

Ryan Reynolds, the voice of Detective Pikachu himself, posted the following video to his YouTube channel, detailing the extensive casting process to find just the right Pokémon to make it to the big screen.

The texturing of the skin on several of these creatures–namely Squirtle and Charizard–is astounding. I always cognitively knew Charizard was a reptile and would therefore have scales. To see it in glistening relief is something different entirely. Personal favorite Cubone looks great, though seeing one get Pokéball-caught is a tad upsetting, I don’t mind telling you.

Already the clear standouts of the movie, Pikachu aside, are Jigglypuff and Psyduck. Both are extremely cute, yes, but also quite volatile. Jigglypuff’s ability to put anyone to sleep with its singing is the thorn in the side of many G1 player. And Psyduck has the ability to destroy the whole world with psychic energy when its stressed out. Hence the muzak. We get it, Psyduck. Been there.

Tickets to see Detective Pikachu are on sale now. Throughout the first weekend, while supplies last, guests will get a two-pack of movie-themed cards from the Pokémon card game. One will be a random draw from those available, but the second is guaranteed to be an exclusive Detective Pikachu card.

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We also have the power of Coffee Break.

To see the full roster of available cards, head to the official Pokemon website.

Detective Pikachu hits theaters May 9.

Images: WB/The Pokemon Company

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