These LEGO Hogwarts Moving Stairs Might Be Actual Magic

Hogwarts is one of the most magical places we’ve ever seen on the page or the screen. Capturing that magic in real life might seem like an unattainable feat, but LEGO builder Jonas Kramm has done the nearly impossible. With an ingenious design that uses a lever and crank to move the tiny pieces, Jonas has turned LEGO bricks into the moving staircase that takes Harry, Ron, and Hermione on their first big adventure together.

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As with all of the magic in Harry Potter, the moving staircases of the ancient castle are delightful with an undercurrent of danger and unpredictability. Not only do they seem to change directions with a mind of their own, the countless steps are surrounded by the personality-packed moving portraits of wizards long past who are always happy to weigh in with their opinions. Jonas included those magical paintings as well in his jaw-dropping build, and he was determined that they would move as well.

Harry Potter is one of my most favorite movie series and I love the different kind of magical movements that happen in the films. One that fascinates me every time are the moving stairs in Hogwarts,” Jonas wrote on Imgur.

Take a look at even more photos from the moving stairs along with a peek behind the scenes to see the mechanisms that animate them on Jonas’s Imgur album.

This isn’t Jonas’s first project featuring one of his favorite scenes Harry Potter; the incredibly detailed Gryffindor Commons scene he built last year is full of the cozy warmth we imagine Harry and Ron felt that first Christmas morning they spent together in the castle.

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And on the LEGO builder’s Instagram you’ll find some other innovative and unique scenes brought to life in brick form, from Stranger ThingsBarb sitting by the backyard pool to the velociraptor scene from the first Jurassic Park. (We’re also partial to his Underwood Typewriter design.)

Which Harry Potter scene would you love to see in LEGO form? Share it in the comments.

Featured Image: Warner Bros.

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