Feel Fancy With Classy HARRY POTTER Hogwarts House Robes

Forget the ability to travel great distances in a flash or conjure up powerful spells with the flick of the wrist, the single most enviable aspect of J.K. Rowling’s wizarding world will always be the prevalence of robes. While they might be delightful to wear, as Jim Gaffigan says, in our world bathrobes are not exactly acceptable to go out with in public. Yet, in their world, it’s weird when witches and wizards don’t wear one. That’s especially true for students at Hogwarts, who not only get to dress comfortably for class, they even get to adorn fancy dress robes for school dances. But while it will take some time to make them socially acceptable in the non-magical world, you can now celebrate Harry Potter in style while relaxing at home, thanks to these new upscale velvet robes designed for the four Hogwarts houses.

Image: PB Teen

If you’re looking for something that says, “Nerdy Hugh Hefner,” these monogrammed robes from Pottery Barn Teen (which we first saw at Mental Floss) will definitely pull that off. Featuring the animals, names, and colors of the four Hogwarts houses—Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw—these robes are made of 75% rayon and 25% polyester, with a lining of 90% polyester and 10% cotton. Each also comes with a long sash, two pockets, and shorter sleeves “intended for a looser fit,” presumably so you can play with your prop wand without restrictions.

Image: PB Teen

Designed for any gender and size, each comes available in “Small/Medium” and “Large/X-Large.” Normally priced at $149 each, they are currently on-sale for a limited time only for $119. You can also get personalized monogramming, which comes on the upper left side near the collar. These robes are even machine-washable, so you don’t have to ever get weird looks from a dry cleaner when you get a chocolate frog stain.

Image: PB Teen

Which is really ideal, because no matter how nice a robe looks, in our world they aren’t mean for “outside.” But it sure would be magically if they were.

Featured Image: PB Teen

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