The Unsung Heroes of ALIAS

Alias is now streaming on Disney+, so it’s the perfect time for a rewatch or first-time binge. Not only are you in for five seasons of fun wigs, a great soundtrack and some admittedly cringeworthy early 2000s fashion, you’re also in for some awesome characters. J.J. Abrams developed an incredible Rolodex of characters in this universe, and while the heavy hitters like Sydney Bristow (Jennifer Garner) and Jack Bristow (Victor Garber) are obviously the heart of the show, let’s not forget about some of the unsung heroes that helped carry the story. These characters are all gems and must be protected.

Marshall Flinkman
Marshall Flinkman in the TV series Alias

Technical operations expert and adorable spaz, Marshall Flinkman (played by Kevin Weisman) was always a friend to Sydney. While he often saved the day since others used his gadgets on missions, he rarely received the credit he so deserved. Even if an evil boss like Arvin Sloane was getting him down or his own anxiety got in the way, he didn’t often complain. For that he is my ultimate unsung hero of the series.

Jenny the Intern

Season one gave us a young Sarah Shahi as the talented intern who worked for Will Tippin (Bradley Cooper) at the newspaper. Jenny was young and in love, and oftentimes very helpful to Will. He didn’t particularly notice because he was super in love with Sydney—you know how it goes. Jenny wasted her talents working for Will. I like to believe she moved up in the newspaper world and is now a big time editor or running a publication somewhere.

Eric Weiss

Played by Greg Grunberg, Eric Weiss was a CIA agent and best friends with Michael Vaughn (Michael Vartan). Weiss, a solid guy, always wanted to do the right thing. Vaughn’s storyline overshadowed Weiss’ journey, but Weiss still did a lot of good for the agency.

Francie Calfo
Francie Calfo in Alias


Merrin Dungey is a queen and played the ultimate BFF to Sydney Bristow as Francie Calfo—that is until she was brutally murdered. Her evil double, Allison Doren, replaced her. Seriously, this show was wild, y’all. Francie was a terrific friend, a good listener, and a skilled cook. Plus, she threw fantastic parties. She deserved much better than the ending she received. Ahem.

Emily Sloane

Sweet Emily Sloane. What is there to say. She served as one of Arvin’s only tethers to humanity, and that is quite the burden to bear. This on top of undergoing chemotherapy and being married to an evil and corrupt man. She was more like a mother to Sydney than Sydney’s real mom. She’s the real G.O.A.T. of this list.

Daniel Hecht
Daniel Hecht Alias


Danny Hecht (Edward Atterton) only appeared in the pilot, but we can’t forget him. He died so early in the series. While he did make a really stupid mistake (don’t leave a voicemail message saying Sydney is a spy—someone is always listening!), his main flaw is that he was in love. He tried to make sense of everything. His death ended up being the catalyst for the whole first season.

Of course, many more characters could make this list, but this is a fine place to start. You’re going to get so invested in this hour-long network drama with its seasons of twists and turns and some silly spy adventures. You’ll find plenty of characters to admire and adore.

Originally published on May 15, 2020.

Featured Image: ABC

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