THE SUICIDE SQUAD’s John Cena Wears Peacemaker Costume to Promote Film

Ah, superhero films. They bring us sweeping heroics, big battle scenes, and some pretty spectacular costumes. Sometimes, if we’re lucky, the cast will wear those costumes beyond the movie. And John Cena recently did that, sporting his full Peacemaker costume from The Suicide Squad on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Why not? He joined James Gunn and Margot Robbie on the late night show to speak to guest host Anthony Anderson about the upcoming DC Comics film. Given the chemistry of this group, we’re even more excited for the film.

The Suicide Squad and director James Gunn explains he wanted to do the “ultimate, all time comic book movie.” The movie, as many of you know, is about a terrible group of supervillains. The US government uses them as fodder in blacks op missions—suicide missions. Robbie reprises her role as Harley Quinn from other DC Comics films, while it’s Cena’s first foray into that universe. Though Peacemaker is getting his own spinoff TV series.

Anyway, the almost 20 minute chat with the trio oozes charm. The conversation goes all over the place. There’s a story about Robbie’s ex-boyfriend having a life-size cardboard cutout of Cena in their bedroom. Then there’s Robbie’s pet rat named Rat Rat. Robbie met Rat Rat on the set of Suicide Squad, and she kept it (though she eventually had to give him away). And yes The Suicide Squad has actual rats, as well as lots of animated rats. One of the actual rat actors in the movie is named Crisp Rat, by the way. (Get it, like Chris Pratt?)

James Gunn, John Cena in a Peacemaker costume, and Margot Robbie sit next to each other

Jimmy Kimmel Live

Then they talk about the wildest stunts Cena and Robbie did on set. And we can’t forget about discussing former Jimmy Kimmel Live writer Steve Agee playing King Shark on set. Plus they show off some new footage from the movie.

The Suicide Squad comes to theaters and HBO Max on August 6, 2021.

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