THE SIMPSONS Is Giving Smithers a Rich, Suave Boyfriend

The Simpsons will surely outlive us all. This show’s staying power is undefeated as it chugs through season 33. Yes, it has really been on TV that long with no signs of slowing down. Besides its ability to seemingly predict the future, The Simpsons continues to evolve while staying true to its signature humor. For example, no fan could forget when Smithers revealed that he was gay in 2016. (We already knew this, but it was nice to see it firmly recognized.) Now, The Simpsons is giving Smithers a boyfriend in an upcoming episode, a first for the series. And the introduction clip is very cute.

Smithers’ new boyfriend, Michael De Graaf, will make his debut in “Portrait of a Lackey on Fire” on November 21. He’s a billionaire fashion mogul, a dog lover, and, well, a very straightforward man who isn’t afraid to put his feelings on the line. Love it. In the clip, Smithers is doing his work thing as usual when De Graaf comes in with Homer and an adorable puppy.

He immediately dials up the flirting, revealing that he also speaks Mandarin. He’s there to claim a dog and perhaps sell Mr. Burns a fake impressionist painting. Homer drops in with a strong hint to Smithers that this guy is, ahem, interested. Smithers uses the puppy as a metaphor, saying he’s sweet, shy, and just wants someone to love him. De Graaf takes the hint and asks him out for a celebratory dinner. My personal favorite part is Michael saying Smithers is “hot in a 1960s Cape Canaveral kind of way.”

photo of Smithers from The Simpsons meeting his new boyfriend Michael De Graaf

I hope The Simpsons allows Smithers’ new boyfriend to stick around for a while. He’s not the luckiest man when it comes to love. And considering the crap he deals with from Mr. Burns, he deserves to have a happy romantic life outside of work.

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