Recreations Imagine if Wes Anderson Made THE SIMPSONS

Wes Anderson is a genre of film unto himself. One of the biggest reasons is that he has his own signature aesthetic. His meticulously crafted, often symmetrical sets with a distinct pastel color palette are like quirky living dollhouses. Nothing else resembles them, so you can always identify one of his movies just by how it looks. His memorable style can be replicated, though. And that’s what HomeAdvisor did for a new project that combines one of our favorite filmmakers with one of the most iconic TV shows in history. It turned six famous rooms from The Simpsons into Wes Anderson-inspired sets.

And they look so good we’re ready for his next film to take place in Springfield, USA.

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One of the most identifiable televisions series ever meets one of cinema’s most identifiable auteurs in the new collection. The site’s team of designers recreated interiors from The Simpsons in real life to look like sets from a Wes Anderson movie.

HomeAdvisor picked the six rooms—the Simpsons’ Living Room, the Simpsons’ Kitchen, Lisa’s bedroom, Moe’s Tavern, the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant Sector 7-G, and Mr. Burn’s office—because they best align with Anderson’s style. It also helps that the Simpsons’ home is already kitschy and quirky.

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Each locale was inspired by specific films from the director’s collection, so some of the color schemes and specific details are different to give it the full Wes Anderson effect. HomeAdvisor also included helpful hints on how you can also bring the filmmaker’s aesthetic to your own home.

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The Simpsons’ living room looks the most like Wes Anderson actually designed it. Lisa’s bedroom might be the best looking room in the bunch. However, the kitchen is very hard to look at. It’s just too much of that unnerving pink.

THE SIMPSONS' Rooms Recreated in the Style of Wes Anderson_4

We would 100% hang out at Moe’s, though. That place looks awesome. No wonder Barney never wants to leave.

THE SIMPSONS' Rooms Recreated in the Style of Wes Anderson_5

Homer’s work room is dead-on, too but genuinely oppressive. The only real issue among the recreations is that Mr. Burn’s office, which looks fantastic otherwise, is too small. The cavernous room exudes power and is meant to make his employees feel small and powerless.

THE SIMPSONS' Rooms Recreated in the Style of Wes Anderson_6

But we supposes Wes Anderson can just cast Bill Murray in the role of the billionaire boss and he can make others feel tiny with his presence.

And we really, really would like to see that. Springfield is plenty quirky already. Now we know it can pull off the Wes Anderson look too.

Featured Image: HomeAdvisor

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