THE SANTA CLAUSES Trailer Is Here to Save Christmas

What happens when Santa retires and hires the wrong guy to replace him? Chaos. Absolute chaos. Elves disappear. Things go awry. The latest trailer for The Santa Clauses shows all sorts of holiday disaster on the horizon when Scott Calvin decides to take a break. Don’t worry, though! The actual Santa won’t let everyone down on Christmas. He and his family are on the case in the six-episode series follow-up to three films in The Santa Clause franchise.

Look, everyone needs a break. In the case of Scott Calvin (Tim Allen), he’s been making Christmas magic happen for the world for decades. No wonder he’s decided to focus on himself. The official synopsis for The Santa Clauses explains:

Scott Calvin is back! After being Santa Claus for nearly thirty years, he’s as jolly as ever. But as Christmas declines in popularity, so does his Santa magic. Scott struggles to keep up with the demands of the job, as well as being there for his family. Upon discovering there is a way to retire from his post, Scott considers stepping down as Santa Claus and finding a worthy successor so that he can become a better father and husband.

The fading belief in Christmas would absolutely make the job harder. We see that when Santa pops down a chimney and scares the bejeezus out of an adult woman in The Santa Clauses trailer. However, sir, she has the correct reaction to a stranger showing up in her living room—even if it is Christmas Eve. But maybe, just maybe, Scott can succeed at spreading more Christmas cheer around the world. Luckily he’ll have the best elf, Bernard, to help.

The Claus family in a sleigh on the poster for The Santa Clauses

The Santa Clauses premieres with two episodes on November 16 on Disney+.

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