THE SANTA CLAUSES Teaser Trailer Reveals Santa’s Big News

Christmas season is practically knocking on our door. And there’s always something for everyone, from the Hallmark and Lifetime film slates full of predictable yet comforting movies to the classics we always love. This year, we are getting a TV spin on a film franchise with The Santa Clauses, a Disney+ comedy series starring Tim Allen. Watching Scott Calvin’s story from being a regular dude to Santa Clause continues to bring us much joy decades after the first movie. Now, The Santa Clauses trailer reveals that he will be hanging up his infamous red suit. 

The D23 teaser begins with Santa making an announcement that he is retiring. The elves predictably fall to pieces with lots of crying and wailing. So, who is going to replace Santa? Well it certainly won’t be Peyton Manning. He doesn’t do a very good “ho, ho, ho” and doesn’t really seem to have any motivation to bring joy to kids around the world. In fact, he’s only going for the job so he can brag to Tom Brady about it. But Manning is not the person that fans were hoping to see. 

bernard in the santa clauses trailer
20th Television

We get quite the nostalgic hit at the end of The Santa Clauses trailer when Bernard appears. David Krumholtz aka Santa’s former right-hand elf is back and we love to see him. And that makes us want to watch it even more. The Santa Clauses will give us lots of great things, like Bernard sharing lore, Santa’s lineage, and even Mrs. Claus’ first name.

The Santa Clauses poster with Tim Allen as Santa Claus
20th Television/Disney

The show will run for six episodes with the first two coming on November 16. It’s the best way to stretch out that joy for the whole season.

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